Avocados are the best thing that happened to bread after sliced bread. They are delightfully weird fruit that can be paired with almost anything. Yes, you read that right. Avocados are fruits, or, to be more precise, berries. So, how good are avocados for you?

Curious Facts about Avocados

  • More than 80% of an avocado’s calories come from fat.

  • Avocados contain healthy fats; the kind that prevents your body from absorbing the bad kind of fats.

  • Avocados contain about 20 vitamins and minerals which can prevent cancer, heart diseases, and premature aging.

  • Avocados contain about 35% more potassium than bananas. They are also great for athletes since they restore calcium, magnesium, and electrolytes.

  • Eating avocados on a daily basis can improve your brain power. Avocados are brain food!

  • There are hundreds of different types of avocados. They all come in different shapes and sizes and some can grow to be as big as a soccer ball.

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Organic farming is beneficial to a wide range of organisms. It restores the biodiversity of the core resources and habitat of the region. The symbiosis between flora and fauna, animals, and humans with a chemical-free environment is paradise on Earth.


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