The mission of Apaya-Europe is quite simple – keeping our customers happy and healthy. In order to achieve that we adhere to the following principles: supplying premium quality products, ensuring competitive prices, and providing an excellent service.

Apaya-Europe strives to respond to the needs and requirements of our customers. We believe that great customer experience will lead people to come back for more. That is why all our products are first-class and our deliveries are made in a timely manner and optimal conditions.

Thanks to our years of experience, premium products, and innovative approaches, we are proud to say that Apaya-Europe is the only fruit and vegetable supplier that keeps its customers 100% satisfied.

Organic farming is beneficial to a wide range of organisms. It restores the biodiversity of the core resources and habitat of the region. The symbiosis between flora and fauna, animals, and humans with a chemical-free environment is paradise on Earth.


Anthony Benoit 490 E Main Street Norwich CT 06360
Phone: +1 (2) 345 6789
Fax: +1 (2) 345 6789

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