Apaya-Europe is the industry leader in providing fresh fruits and vegetables. We are based in Malaga, Spain. Our vision is to supply each and every one of our customers with the highest quality fruit and vegetables.

We specialize in supplying local products from local farmers of Southern Spain. We also import tropical products from Peru, Chile, Morocco, Mexico, and Dominican Republic. This way, our customers can get to taste exotic products they may have never tried before.

Even though we provide a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, our two main products are avocados and mangos. Besides offering conventional products, Apaya-Europe is certified to supply organic products as well. Our customers can also get to taste our exceptional olive oil (organic and non-organic) on demand.

Our team of friendly and knowledgeable staff represents our brand. That is why we make sure that all our employees possess the skills that ensure the levels of quality we insist upon. Thanks to our team’s hard work and dedication, we managed to create a customer network of high standards based on confidence and reliability.

As an international import and export organization, our team at Apaya-Europe works hard so that the best products from Spain can be enjoyed all across Europe. Our company was created to ensure that our customers can enjoy premium-quality products and have them delivered in perfect condition.

Organic farming is beneficial to a wide range of organisms. It restores the biodiversity of the core resources and habitat of the region. The symbiosis between flora and fauna, animals, and humans with a chemical-free environment is paradise on Earth.


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